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Pretty Strong (for a woman)

The documentary ‘Pretty Strong (for a woman) is a story of perseverance, strength and the life of Michelle de Jong.

Michelle got diagnosed with conversion disorder, also known as FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) which left her in a wheelchair. Her life suddenly collapsed as she could no longer leave her bed.

Several years later, she’s transformed into a powerlifter no longer needing a wheelchair and instead lifting 150 kg with ease. Once an insecure girl, she’s now a force to be reckoned with in the gym.

Her passion for strength sports is however not without its own set of challenges. How does she stand her ground? How does she keep on striving for her independence?

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Official Trailer Pretty Strong (for a woman) | January 2021 | Co-filmed and Co-edited by Sajeda.

Here’s the offcial teaser for the documentary ”Pretty Strong (for a woman)” starring Michelle de Jong. | November 2020 | Co-filmed and co-edited by Sajeda.

Promotion video for the new Crossfit box Fierce, Strength and Conditioning in Nieuwegein. | December 2020 | Filmed and edited by Sajeda.

Who Is Hussain

The non-profit organisation Who Is Hussain hosted a ”March for Peace” event in Rotterdam. Through this event they spreaded the message of ”HOPE”. | October 2019 | Filmed and edited by Sajeda.